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Round Grove Cemetery – Old and New November 2, 2008

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Yesterday it was such a nice day so I went back to Round Grove Cemetery to see the acreage with new eyes and a new perspective.  My other visits there have either been to a graveside service or to photograph the cemetery for our church’s website.  This was my first time as a Charter member of The Association of Graveyard Rabbits.

I arrived after 2 p.m. (probably not a good time for photographing as there was quite a bit of shade and bright sunlight) and the weather was warm.  I started at the front of the cemetery just inside the gate and walked the path laid out in the center – usually reserved for the hearse to pass through.  I stopped at almost every grave to study the headstone or clear away some of the pine needles or leaves that had accumulated on the stones.  As I came to each family plot, I read the names of those buried there and looked for symbols on the headstone.  There were several infants, several men who had given service to their country, and many headstones with German inscriptions.

I took photos of large parts of the cemetery to show just how diverse it is.  The picture above has a nice sampling of the stones.  In the foreground, the cement ridge is actually a family plot.  There are many of these in Round Grove Cemetery.  Sometimes there is one headstone for one burial, one headstone for a married couple, or several headstones.  In the foreground and a little toward the center are the older stones.  Looking in the background top left, there are newer stones.  For me this symbolizes that Round Grove Cemetery is still in use as a burying ground today.  Not only is there diverse history and cultures – German, Hispanic, Central European and American names – but each gravestone is a tribute to someone’s loved one. 

I spent almost an hour wandering through the cemetery and as the sun beat down, discovered that even on November 1st in North Texas, mid-afternoon sun is still not forgiving!  There was some people who arrived while I was there to lay fresh flowers on the graves of their departed family members.  The next time I visit, I will try to do so mid-morning when photographing stones or the cemetery at large won’t be cast in shadows too much.

Part III – Symbols



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