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Memorializing Those Interred November 28, 2008

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If Tears Could Build A
Stairway, And Memories
A Lane, I’d Walk Right Up
To Heaven And Bring
You Home Again.

Memorial Stone in front of the burial location of R.E. Randy Miertschin, b. Mar. 22, 1930 d. Sept. 19, 1991.  This is a dual stone with his wife – who is still living. 


Memorial Bench next to the burial location of Ruma Mata b. 3-14-1963 d. 2-2-2008. 


There are also bricks placed around the head area with the name on each brick.  A lovely crucifix stands above the gravestone.


“If Love Could Have Saved You,
You Would Have Lived Forever.”

Stone next to the grave of Micah Beth Vaughn b. June 10, 1988 d. March 8, 2007 (age 16). The gravestone also has the inscription:


There is also a picture of the deceased on the gravestone.


All burials at Round Grove Cemetery, Lewisville, Denton County, Texas.

Meet the Graveyard Rabbit of South Denton County November 26, 2008

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Today I am the feature member on The Graveyard Rabbit. So for my story and how I came to be a Charter Member of the Association of Graveyard Rabbits, go here. Let me know if you’ve read it and give some feedback if you will!

Tombstone Tuesday – Gonzalez November 25, 2008

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Jacinto Gonzalez S.
Aug. 17, 1923
Aug. 12, 2006
Querido Esposo, Padre, Lito

Buried at Round Grove Cemetery, Lewisville, Texas (Denton County)

Digital photo taken and owned by Wendy Littrell, (Address for private use)

Planning a Trip November 14, 2008

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I will be headed out of town tomorrow and unfortunately haven’t had time to write posts to be published while I’m away.  Please return after the 23rd as I will have at least one or two posts prior to Thanksgiving!  In fact I will be writing about Graveyard Rabbit of South Denton County as a featured Charter Member for The Graveyard Rabbit after I get back.  Stay tuned!

Head Stones and Foot Stones November 13, 2008

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roundgrove6The photo above was taken on November 1, 2008 while I was visiting and exploring Round Grove Cemetery in Lewisville, Texas.  This plot is owned by the Wolters family.  The head stone reads:

Herbert A.                                              Arnold R.
Sohn von                                               Sohn von
F.W. & T.W.                                            F.W. & T.W.
WOLTERS                                              WOLTERS
geb Jan. 18, 1907                                geb Sep. 23, 1905
gest Mai. 29,                                         gest Nov. 19,
1907                                                        1905


Der herr hat euch gegeben
Der han nahm euch dahin.

The head stone rests in the center of the plot and on either side are two stones for each boy.  One is the stone lying at the head and the other at the foot.


Head stone (above) and Foot stone (below) for Herbert.



Head stone (above) and Foot stone (below) for Arnold.


Notice that the Foot stones only have the initials instead of full names.


Close up of the marker.

All digital photos taken and owned by Wendy Littrell (Address for private use).

Tombstone Tuesday – Dollgener November 11, 2008

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dollgenerstone1Gravestone for J. Dollgener and Auguste J. Dollgener at Round Grove Cemetery, Lewisville, Texas.

Stone reads:

Hier Ruhet in Gott
1863 – 1929

Wir hoffen dasz dein Seelenfreund
Der ewig treue Hirt
Ders hier so wohl mit dir gemeint
Dich schoen empfangen wird.

Hier Ruhet in Gott
1863 – 1926
So left nun wohl ihr meine Lieben
Der Tod hat mich von euch vertrieben
Nach kurzen Trennungs schinerz
und Weinen Wird Christus
Wieder uns veremen

J. Dollgener’s inscription roughly translated:

Here Rest in God
We hope that your soul friend
The forever loyal shepherd
That here so probably with you meant
You will nicely receive.

Auguste’s stone roughly translates:

Here Rest in God
So left now probably
you my love death have me of you driven out
after short separation
ski mink and wines
becomes Christ Unite again us.

The Dollgener’s were a founding family of the Round Grove United Church and the Round Grove German community.  The stone with the German inscriptions is in keeping with the German background of this family.

Round Grove Cemetery – Symbols November 6, 2008

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This gravestone at Round Grove Cemetery is for Arlene Irene Dorn who died just shy of two years old.  The lamb lying down on the stone symbolizes purity and innocence as well as denotes that this the deceased was a Christian.

Leslie C. Bingel was a member of the Amalgamated Associaton of Street, Electric Railway and Motor Coach Employees of America, Division No. 694.  According to Google Books this union was formed in 1892 in Indianapolis. In July 1964 it became the Amalgamated Transit Union.  The graphic on the stone symbolizes this union.

roundgrove3The Dove carved into this head stone for the Infant Daughter of Otto P. and Martha Duwe symbolizes purity and innocence of a child who died very young.  This infant was probably stillborn as no name is given on her stone.

roundgrove4Cruz Gonzales’ stone shows the Praying Hands in Sunlight.  The sunlight seems Heaven sent bathing the clasped hands.


This stone has two distinct symbols – the Book which represents the Bible or the Book of Life – and the Gates of Heaven.  This woman’s husband’s stone has the same symbols.

Tombstone Tuesday – Round Grove – Uecker November 4, 2008

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pb010354Stone for the Uecker family in the family plot located at Round Grove Cemetery, Lewisville, Texas

Several family members are buried in this plot including the oldest members of the Uecker family – Henry and Wilhelmine (see this post).

Photographed by Wendy Littrell on November 1, 2008
Digital photo owned by Wendy Littrell (address for private use).

Round Grove Cemetery – Old and New November 2, 2008

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Yesterday it was such a nice day so I went back to Round Grove Cemetery to see the acreage with new eyes and a new perspective.  My other visits there have either been to a graveside service or to photograph the cemetery for our church’s website.  This was my first time as a Charter member of The Association of Graveyard Rabbits.

I arrived after 2 p.m. (probably not a good time for photographing as there was quite a bit of shade and bright sunlight) and the weather was warm.  I started at the front of the cemetery just inside the gate and walked the path laid out in the center – usually reserved for the hearse to pass through.  I stopped at almost every grave to study the headstone or clear away some of the pine needles or leaves that had accumulated on the stones.  As I came to each family plot, I read the names of those buried there and looked for symbols on the headstone.  There were several infants, several men who had given service to their country, and many headstones with German inscriptions.

I took photos of large parts of the cemetery to show just how diverse it is.  The picture above has a nice sampling of the stones.  In the foreground, the cement ridge is actually a family plot.  There are many of these in Round Grove Cemetery.  Sometimes there is one headstone for one burial, one headstone for a married couple, or several headstones.  In the foreground and a little toward the center are the older stones.  Looking in the background top left, there are newer stones.  For me this symbolizes that Round Grove Cemetery is still in use as a burying ground today.  Not only is there diverse history and cultures – German, Hispanic, Central European and American names – but each gravestone is a tribute to someone’s loved one. 

I spent almost an hour wandering through the cemetery and as the sun beat down, discovered that even on November 1st in North Texas, mid-afternoon sun is still not forgiving!  There was some people who arrived while I was there to lay fresh flowers on the graves of their departed family members.  The next time I visit, I will try to do so mid-morning when photographing stones or the cemetery at large won’t be cast in shadows too much.

Part III – Symbols

Tombstone Tuesday – Round Grove Cemetery – Lunow October 28, 2008

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Gravestone for Minnie Evelyn (Smith) Lunow born in Lewisville, Texas on January 1, 1915 and died November 15, 2003.  Buried in Round Grove Cemetery, Lewisville, Texas.  Wife of Herbert Lunow (still living).  Funeral held at Round Grove United Church.

Minnie Smith was the daughter of Jim and Ollie (McDaniel) Smith who came to Texas from Alabama.  She had her own hairdressing salon in Grapevine, Texas that she opened in 1946.  Minnie and Herbert were married in November 1934.  They bought a 105 acre farm in Flower Mound, Denton County, Texas.  The couple had two sons and five grandchildren. 

Minnie was very active in the life of Round Grove United Church.  She was a well respected member and was always dressed beautifully.  Minnie and Herbert were living with one of their sons in Houston when she passed away.

Source of Biographical Information: “Sweet Flower Mound Land”; Flower Mound Historical Commission; 2121 Cross Timbers Road, Flower Mound, Texas 75028.  Copyright 1996 Flower Mound Historical Commission.  Henington Publishing Company; Wolfe City, Texas.  Book from Lewisville Library, Call No. 976.4555 SWE.

Photograph by Wendy Littrell.  Original owned by Wendy Littrell (address for private use).