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Goals for the Graveyard Rabbit of South Denton County January 11, 2009

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Since I am a procastinator by nature, I thought it would be a good thing for me to list out the goals I have for the Graveyard Rabbit of South Denton County.

1st Goal: There are two main funeral homes in the Lewisville area and I want to contact each of them and set up interviews.  One has been in business for about 60 years and is located in the Historic Downtown section.  The other has been operating since 1969.  I want to delve into funeral customs and how they have stayed the same or changed over time.

2nd Goal: Take day trips to other cemeteries in the area I cover and not only take photos, but to find out more information about the cemetery – if the graves had been moved from one location to another and why?  Does the cemetery have a group that regularly keeps a close eye on it for historical purposes?  Is the cemetery divided into sections (veterans, childrens, family plots, etc.)?

3rd Goal: Upload information and photos to Find-a-grave (especially those that haven’t been uploaded)

4th Goal: And this is where you, Dear Reader, helps!  If you do not live in the area – and have an ancestor buried in South Denton County – and need more information on the gravestone or other cemetery information – please send an email to me here or through the comments, and I’ll try to help out as much as I can.  Or – if you have information on any of the cemeteries or stones that I’ve written about – please send it in!  I’ll credit you with the information.  If there is something you want to see written about, please let me know and (again), I’ll do the best I can to write on a topic (related to gravestones, cemeteries, funeral homes, and burial customs) that would interest my readers.

I want to thank all of you who have been following the Graveyard Rabbit of South Denton County!  I look forward to getting to know my readers a little better this way!